Origin of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have been originated in the European nation.  The thing is that it is not only European people who think of this kind of idea but there are different cultures around the world that have beliefs thousands of years ago that there are somewhat tiny beings that could not be seen by the naked eye. This is why people believed that there is something that we have to be careful about in nature.

However, in the 17th century, the term ‘fairy tale’ was given by Madame de Aulnoy, to describe the takes about them. Actually, fairy tales are so amazing in the eyes of people and in the eyes of human society. This is because people could imagine like this, which is appreciated by those who read some novels like this. Of course, in this modern society, fairy tales are brought upon media and through media, people wondered if fairy tales are true or not.

Fairy tales too originated from the beliefs and culture of people in the ancient world. There might be a spark of though that there are flying object or humans beyond our world.

By the way, fairy tales does not only refer to tales talking about fairies but these are tales referring to fantastic land and world which does not exist in reality on this earth.

What if these imaginative world exist in a different dimension? Like it is really possible for humans to fly, but in a different dimension of earth. This can be a great thought.