How to Write a Fairy Tale Story

There are various ways on how to write a fairy tale story.

A fairy tale story is a story that talks about fantasy. Everything is imaginative and that the characters are animals talking, fairies, and most of cases, portrays prince and princesses. The setting of the story is based on a fantastic land like a beautiful castle laid on a barren land that is impenetrable. One characteristic of a fairy tale story is all the characters have no truth in it.

This is how to create one.

Think of a story that you know that it was never told. This is because we have to avoid plagiarism. There should be an original story that you will create. If you are a beginner, it is alright if you just make a story that is not really that very good. This is just the beginning.

Create the plot of the story, theme, characters, settings, and most especially the introduction. Create something that is catchy so the plot shall be something that readers can not leave until they finish reading. Use some techniques of creating a plot such as foreshadowing and flashback. The plot of the story is something that readers should find and analyze. In fact, the plot is the heart of the story.

Write  a draft of the story. Write and write until you make a conclusion of the story. There is something that you can not escape. This is the new ideas that pops out whenever you write.

Revise now the story and edit the introduction. Sometimes, the introduction determines whether the story is worthy to spend time at or not.